Beaglebone Black, SDR, recording and processing

I apologize for the vague request for information, but I have a specific task in mind for the beaglebone black and I haven’t been able to find enough info via google searches to convince me that the task is possible.

I do not have a BBB yet because of the supply shortage. I am getting one anyway as I search for a an adequate linux computer of this type for a centralized solution for data logging and control via web interface of all my wireless MCU projects.

What I can already do is tune to my favorite FM radio shows manually using my NooElec TV28T v2 USB DVB-T & RTL-SDR Receiver, RTL2832U & R820T Tuner, MCX Input on my Windows XP machine. There is nothing automated about the setup, but I get the quality I want and thought I could build around that.

Ideally, I want to script the whole process after moving it to a Linux platform. Tune to a frequency at a given time, enable noise reduction with parameters, record the audio, encode to a MP3 192kbps stereo file, rinse and repeat. If I can control the RTL-SDR completely from the command line I’ll be happy. I can jump through the other hoops myself through more research.

So I guess what I need to know (from someone that has done something like this) is…
Is it possible?
What is the best distro for this? Ubuntu seems heavy.
Should I look for another piece of SDR hardware?
Links to tutorials, datasheets, project pages, blogs, etc. I will read them all!!
Not necessarily related - Is it better to connect a USB drive for the OS and storage? I do that now with my RPi.

I was able to connect my RTL-SDR usb to my raspberry pi and stream the output to a client on my wired and wireless LAN. The RPi wasn’t powerful enough to record the decoded audio or encode it to MP3, at least not that I have read.

If I can do this with the BBB, I can build a dedicated device around it and finally put to rest the need my wife and I have for an automated solution to archive our favorite radio shows.

Thank you for tolerating my long-winded request for more information!! I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these and start PLAYING in code!!!

With utmost respect…
Gary Rubin [hop]