Beaglebone Black Services

I am trying to either get an executable or shell script to run on boot up of my beaglebone black. I have tried a couple methods, however I am seeing a lot of people using the service method. These are the steps I took in creating my service file. What did I do wrong? Are there other people having similar problems at boot up? Thanks in advance

Running a script on Beaglebone Black boot/ startup

  1. Compile the required code.

  2. Create a bash script that will launch the code at boot/ startup
    cd /usr/bin/
    Type nano <>

Save and grant execute permission
chmod u+x /usr/bin/.sh
3. Create the service
nano /lib/systemd/.service
4. Edit the above file as necessary to invoke the different functionalities like network. Enable these only if the code needs

that particular service. Disable unwanted ones to decrease boot time.
5. Create a symbolic link to let the device know the location of the service.
cd /etc/systemd/system/
ln /lib/systemd/.service .service

  1. Make systemd reload the configuration file, start the service immediately (helps to see if the service is functioning

properly) and enable the unit files specified in the command line.

systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl start .service
systemctl enable .service

  1. Restart BBB immediately to see if it runs as intended.
    shutdown -r now

My Linux version is:

Description: Angstrom GNU/Linux v2012.12 (Core edition)
Release: v2012.12
Codename: Core edition

My Beaglebone black version is: A6A


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