BeagleBone Black SSH hangs on PC side during initial connect

I’ve got my Angstrom (3.8.13) BBB connected to my PC (crunchbang linux) via mini-USB, router via ethernet cable, and router via realtek RTL8188CU USB wifi. The IP address for the BBB is on eth0 and if I try to ssh into from my PC it just hangs at the command: ssh root@10.0.0239. I can ssh into my other beagleboard-xM running Ubuntu just fine, so I’m assuming it should be fine on the PC side and the router shouldn’t be causing any issues. I can’t find any helpful discussions on SSH problems with BBB - it seems to work fine for most people. Is there anything I can check on BBB side for verification?

I don’t have an answer for you, but I just posted a question about connecting using SSH over LAN. (!category-topic/beagleboard/support/newbies/beaglebone-black/software/angstrom/DzjJPz9zKac)

I haven’t been able to SSH over LAN – only over WAN by setting up port-forwarding on my router. Maybe you can try giving that a go?