Beaglebone Black, Ubuntu, and X11

So I bought my new beaglebone black at the San Mateo Maker Faire and I’ve got it up and running. I’ve finally decided to try and get Ubuntu working on my bbb, and I even have X11 working. Although, not as much as I’d like. The BBB detects my screen as 1080p, and decided to try and draw 1080p. It dropped the refresh rate to 24 Hz in doing so. I’m just using the stock kernel supplied by the Ubuntu on Beagleboard wiki. When it boots up the console framebuffer is also 1080p24. How should I go about changing the resolution of the framebuffer and X?

you want 1080p60? :slight_smile:

Oh whoops, no. I’d like to drop it to something like 1280x720 @ 60 Hz. I am aware that the BBB cannot drive 1080p any higher than 24 Hz, didn’t even realize it could do that. Someone told me the maximum was 1440x1050. Essentially I am trying to run the enlightenment window manager, but it locks up when loading. I’ve had a lot of issues while running X at that resolution, so I’d like to drop the resolution down a bit.