Beaglebone black USB connection

When I connect my BeagleBone to my PC via USB a new drive called “Beagle Bone Getting Started” is created on my PC in the same way as if I plugged in a USB stick. The size of the drive is 16.9 MB. How is this set up on the BeagleBone and is it possible to increase the size. I want to a user to be able to connect the Beagle Bone via USB and to be able to run a program which appears in Windows Explorer in the same way that “Beagle Bone Getting Started” appears.

The BBB w/ newer images can be rebooted into a full-sized SD Card space.


  1. Boot new image w/ SD Card of 16GB
  2. Reboot
  3. Reboot into the same SD Card but now w/ 16GB of space for the increase


P.S. I know what it says but it is not necessarily truthful b/c of some Linux-Windows discrepancies (I am really guessing as to WHY the BeagleBone icon and full or non-full MB or GB drive shows what it shows).

Thanks. I am not trying to get more SD card space, just more on the pseudo usb drive that comes up in windows explorer when I connect the BBB - sorry I am probably not asking the question clearly enough but not sure how else to frame it.

Simple answer as it stands you can’t.

The files you see when the BB is plugged in come from


The files are there to install drivers, however I think they are no longer needed.
The partition is read only and you can’t create any files there.

If you want to pull/push files, then from Windows I think winscp is one of the best options ( I don’t use Windows, so there may be better options)


I understood, @antonjung . I was unaware of that file being read only, @benedict.hewson . So, that explains it!

Maybe putting in some work to the read only aspect of the file usage from their, the people, git may help.

Do not quote me, i.e. as there are many people doing many things. I am not sure that would be a priority right now but it is worth a shot!


P.S. I wonder if creating a request to change it may help…