BeagleBone Black USB networking - DHCP failing to respond

FYI ever since performing the opkg upgrade, I’ve not seen this issue occur.

There seems to be a small glitch in the opkg upgrade procedure; the new kernel “kernel-image-3.8.8” refuses to install since it overwrites some driver files provided by the old kernel-image-3.8.6, so you have to manually install it:

opkg --force-overwrite kernel-image-3.8.8

I found this out only after I put my BBB into a non-bootable state and had to recover it (with the uboot command prompt, forcing it to boot the old kernel).

Now you tell me! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip… I’m still a little rattled from recovering from my own unbootable state so I think I’ll hold off a bit before the upgrade and stick to working from my linux box. (I wasn’t aware of the uboot stuff, but I was able to force it to boot of the SD by holding down the POWER button for an extended length of time).

~ Jason