Beaglebone Black uSD card connector

Hi Jason,

I hope you’re well?

Looking at what I think is the latest data for the Beaglebone Black, the uSD card connector (P10) is noted as an ALPS SCHA5B0200 but this is obsolete. is this still the current part, or has the design or BoM been updated since this?


We’ve done a new layout with a new part, but we aren’t happy with it. It flips the microSD card over, for one thing. The EMI performance also wasn’t as good, though I’m not exactly sure why. Anyway, we are still on the search for a desirable replacement.

In the meantime, we’ve been able to continue to secure more of these parts and have assurances we will be able to continue over at least the next year.

Do I need to help you get some of these? I’m not quite sure how we can pressure ALPS into keeping this product going, but some more voices might be of benefit. So, pile on!

This is a bit of a frequently asked question, so I’ve put you in BCC and copied Copying the list is my only mode of providing technical support.