BeagleBone Black Wireless without emmc?

I’m with a college group who’s in charge of designing a custom circuit board for our senior project. We are planning on using the open parts on the Beagleboard Black Wireless to create this circuit. Due to availability, and our requirements, we don’t think we need to use the eMMC memory at all, and instead simply run off an SD card. If we were to remove the component in our schematic altogether, would the board still function correctly?

HI @Crazycolbster it’s fine, but i would change 1 resistor on the sysboot pins to force microSD over eMMC…



Alright. That’s good to know. Thanks!

You don’t need any hardware change. Just erase the first sectors of the eMMC by

sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/??? bs=1M

where ??? gets replaced by the device of your internal eMMC.

When on boot the OS doesn’t find a valid partition table it skips that drive and boots from SD instead.

Good Point!


i had read that as you were “designing” a board based off the BeagleBone Black Wireless… (not using one as-is plugged in…)


Actually, we are designing a board from the ground up. We need to fit the necessary components of the board in as well as motor drivers for our device, so there’s going to be no physical memory on the board.

So do you think this looks good then?

That looks good as long as you want microSD boot…

  1. SPI0
  2. MMC0 - microSD
  3. USB
  4. UART0