Beaglebone Black with 7" Cape display not fit to screen


I’m a newbie on this board and linux.
We have BBB revB with LCD 7" cap are not in use in company so I was assign to built it as media player.

Previously, BBB were using angstrom are running and display is fit to screen, but I don’t have user and password and I try with default user/password are not success to login, so I will do install debian from SD card but I was some issue on display that not fit as picture below and after I try to flashback to angstrom OS. Issue are still the same.

How can I fix it?

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There was a u-boot overlay available with some of the earlier BeagleBoard-DeviceTrees:

There, on that link, is one from kernel 5.10.x-ti-unified. There is a Five Inch and Seven Inch display overlay to test.

This may be helpful.


P.S. If you cannot get the overlays to work as they are currently listed, maybe adapting them to fit your type of display may work.