BeagleBone Black with BMI088 IMU sensor

Aim: Read Gyroscope Data on BeagleBone Black using BMI088 sensor.

I use BMI088 with ShuttleBoard. and that connection and sensor check using Arduino nano and Arduino code.

But this BMI088 sensor use with BagleBone Black(Debian Os).
I refer to the link which provides a Linux interface: GitHub - BoschSensortec/BMI08x-Sensor-API: Sensor API for controlling the BMI08x range of IMUs from Bosch.
but in that coines.h library is not detected. then I search for that library but is like one platform for the Bosch software package.

and don’t get any direct file for that.

So, another way to code for BMI088 sensor with BeagleBone Black.

Thank you. I will appreciate your response.