BeagleBone Black with PM (Power Management) functionality available in current release image?


Please refer to my conversation on TI’s blog:

Hope you find it useful.


Hi Abhijeet,

I did the fix for wake up capable as per the TI thread you referred to and recompiled a new kernel using the TI SDK
But I am not sure which files (UImage, zImage, u-boot.img??..) I need to download to the beagle bone black board to get suspend/resume via RTC wake alarm working.

Hi all,

I was reading the thread. I want to confirm this conclusion I have made:

Is BBB with linux kernel version 3.8+ is still not available with power management options enabled???

Thank you

This is great thread for an overview on the power management. I’ve got a BBB and its now 3.8.
Has anybody tried the PM APIs or got some pointers.?
I’ve compiled the Ubuntu for BBB (3.8.13-bone32) and it has some options for CPU power management - though haven’t got to dig into what they do yet.
Anybody tinkering in this area?