BeagleBone Black with Yocto and LCD Display


I am having trouble setting up LCD display for my project.

I am using BeagleBone Black and element14’s 4.3’’ LCD Display Cape ( for my master’s thesis (Boot-time optimization).

I am building the system using Yocto Project (Pyro version). I have built the system with bitbake (I set it up so that it builds for BBB, I am using meta-qt4 layer for Qt app, I set systemd as init_manager and i built the system using qt4e-demo-image recipe).

All the complied files are copied to an SD card and system boots regularly, but there doesn’t seem to be support for starting LCD screen. Additionally, the system doesn’t start Qt-demo application which it is supposed to, but I suppose that is due to the LCD screen problem.

I have uEnv.txt file on root partition of the SD card (/boot folder), which looks like this:





###U-Boot Overlays###

###Master Enable