beaglebone black


I have a beaglebone black and am using it at a college for research. I tried to connect the black to a monitor but it doesn’t seem to want to hold the signal for more than a minute. When I connect the board to a monitor the desktop will display for a minute or two and then the monitor will shut off and show “Check signal cable” or “no signal”. I had the same problem with 5 other monitors. Is the board damaged? What should I do to get the beaglebone black to work on a monitor?

Also, I used a micro hdmi to VGA adapter to connect to the monitor and I also tried using a micro hdmi to hdmi type-A cable connected to a DVI-D adapter, that also didn’t work.

The micro hdmi to VGA adapter is a recommended component to use to connect a monitor on the circuitco beaglebone black accessories wiki.

Please help with this issue.


Russell Taylor

Research Assistant, Red River College

Winnipeg, Manitoba

If you get a display, even for a moment, the board is not damaged. It is working fine. Either the the display resolution the SW selected is not correct or the EDID information cannot be read from the display.

Check here

Also make sure you are using the latest software.


Hi Russel;

Try searching this forum.

If I recall, there was a post about the system booting with the screen saver active by default L