Beaglebone blue ardupilot hardware issue

Hi ,
I bought 2 beaglebone blue boards. On one I installed “bone-debian-10.13-console-armhf-2023-01-02-1gb.img” and I followed GitHub - imfatant/test , and that seems to work.
But same sd-card put on the second board not run arducopter. When I start I receive following err message:
Jan 14 09:17:39 beaglebone systemd[1]: Started ArduCopter Service.
Jan 14 09:17:39 beaglebone kernel: Unhandled fault: external abort on non-linefetch (0x1818) at 0xb6ef4000

and also at command
lsmod | grep pru
I receive nothing.
I suppose that in the second boart the real time processors are not working.
On the boart that not work on the octavio chip is a label with following
On the boart that work the last number (on same place ) is
Please let me know if is possible to find what is not ok and repair ( or some like bios setup) for the not working board.


I found this idea a while back: BeagleBone Blue — Copter documentation .

It was updated, sort of recently, and it has more up-to-date ideas compared to imfatant repo. online at github.


P.S. Also, @Juvinski maybe able to pitch in?

Hi @eugen please send the result of the dmesg command and the script(is Under the /opt/scripts or /opt/tools) of both boards.

My first suspicious would be something in the uboot - but with this commands - mainly the we can check better to take next steps