Beaglebone Blue Battery Connection

Trying to connect a 2S LIPO battery to my Beaglebone Blue, but can’t work it out.

There’s the ‘2 Cell LiPo Battery Connector’, but this is a 3 pin connector which I would normally assume to be the balance cable connector, not the power connector. I have a normal 2S battery pack - 3 pin balance connector and 2 pin JST-SH power connector.

Please help, completely stumped here.

Yeah, it’s weird and doesn’t make sense, at-least the AM335x doesn’t use a lot of power… That’s the same type of battery I’ve used ignoring the standard 2 pin JST-SH connector and plugged in the 3-pin balance…


The best document I can find is the circuit diagram (beaglebone-blue/BeagleBone_Blue_sch.pdf at master · beagleboard/beaglebone-blue · GitHub) which shows the battery connected to the LiPo JST XH (V-Batt, BAT_MID, BATT_MINUS).

I’ve just found a website which I think confirms your comments / methodology - 7.4 2s Lipo Battery Wiring Diagram

So thank you, I’ve learned something today and can move forward!


We use the 3 pin balance cable for the connection to the Beaglebone Blue, it works fine.

Yeah, cheers Phil.

The confusion was that I had never used the balance port in that method before. Has been working well for me for a while now.


You might look at the eduMIP from Renaissance Robotics to see what they are using.
They do list a custom wiring for the LiPo though:
“a 2-cell 1400 mAh LiPo with custom wire harness”

I used this when my BB Blue was still alive but moving it to a BB Black with Robotics Cape now.