beaglebone blue cloud9 ide is not working after run the command apt-get upgrade


i just bought new beaglebone blue, connected the Cloud9 IDE, but mistake i type

“sudo apt-get upgrade” instead of “sudo apt-get update”

after the complete upgrade, the Cloud9 IDE stop working.
is any way i can fix this issue and bring back the BeagleBone Blue back to normal.

when i connect through putty, i can’t go to sudo user account, i don’t the sudo user password.

normally in the other beaglebone, there is no root password.

for this reason, the beaglebone is not allowing me to update any image into the board.

i am using Debian Linux as desktop and connected beaglebone blue with USB.

can anyone support on this topic?

Thanks and Regards,
Shynesh Sukumaran