BeagleBone Blue EduMIP Balancing Robot Assembly Video

I’ve just posted a video[1] showing how to assemble the BeagleBone Blue EduMIP[2] balancing robot.


[2] Strawson Design

Really great! I will definitely get a Blue and see how it plays.
I think a much larger version of the robot would be a lot of fun.


I haven’t found a place to buy this kit?


I have managed to assemble and run the edumip robot with beaglebone blue by connecting my pc to the robot though wifi and running “rc_balance”. How do you manage to have an image installed on a microsd so that the beaglebone can boot on it like in your video ?

Thanks for the info,


Go here[1] to get the latest ‘testing’ image. I’ve been using the stretch-iot image so I suggest [2]. Download the image and then get Etcher[3] for whatever platform you are using. Use Etcher to copy the image to your SD card.

Once copied, put the CD card in the Bone and it should boot right up.


[1] Index of /rootfs/