BeagleBone Blue; Pinout diagram / System Reference Manual ?

I’m looking for a detailed pinout of the BBBlue. Hopefully similar to this, or the many similar ones, for the BBB.

The BBBlue FAQ has a Pinouts section with this picture. For instance I found the SPI connector but I don’t know the pin numbers and pin names on the connector to hook up the hardware.

Image result for beaglebone blue pinout

I found Pin Multiplexing on the Strasown Design site. It’s getting closer but not a definitive reference for me. Perhaps this could be added to the Pinouts of the BBBlue FAQ.

I have a 6-wire JST-SH connector. Not sure where pin 1 is on the connector or which pin is SCLK, MOSI, MIS0 SS* etc…

Does a detailed pinout for the BBBlue exist?

The BeagleBone Blue page refers to the System Reference Manual on the github page but I’m not finding it. Does the System Reference Manual for the 'blue exist?

Browse the BeagleBone Blue Github page to find all available hardware specifications such as:

  • Bill of materials
  • PCB source files
  • Manufacturing files
  • Schematic (PDF and source)
  • System Reference Manual

The schematic PDF has some of the pin numbering on the JST connectors.

Thanks Alan.

Jason Kridner; I modified the Pinouts page on the wiki adding this link.

On Sun, 9 Jul 2017 04:00:10 -0700 (PDT), Alan Marshall
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The schematic PDF has some of the pin numbering on the JST connectors.

  And it looks like
may provide some of the cross reference to the BBblack usages.

Nice! Added this to the wiki too.

Hello Jeff,

See if this helps. I did it using the schematics and a multimeter. It’s kind of hand made but…

Wow, that’s a great diagram. It makes it very clear what pins are where.


Wow, that’s a great diagram. It makes it very clear what pins are where.


Fantastic. Can we get this on the wiki?

I believe you’re not asking me. But in case you are: do with it whatever you feel like.

I tried to make a more presentable drawing. See if it is better, or not.


That’s brilliant! Will you provide the graphic source file? I think we could shorten up some of the text for the GPIOs. Also “Slave Select” is a bit long and “CS” is typically what people look for using SPI.

Just noticed the analog connector pinout wasn’t there.

I used Corel Draw 2017. The text I used was to be more informative.
I changed Slave Select to CS and added the ADC conector pinout.

I’m not very good at drawing and presenting things in an appealing way. So, I believe you guys can do a better job reviewing what I did.

Beste regards.

BeagleBone Blue pinout.cdr (6.81 MB)

This looks great and I can’t believe I didn’t stumble across this until now. May I have your permission to include this with the public documentation of the librobotcontrol supporting software package? I think it will help many people.


You can use it as you see fit. Change it to make it better, to be more appealing, etc.

Best regards,

Thank you!

You’re welcome.
I’m glad I can give my little contribution.