Beaglebone Blue recognizes as beaglebone black

I have had 3 beaglebone blue and the story is the same for everyone of these. Everything works fine for a month or two then the wifi stops. the connmanctl shows no wifi technology. there are two USB interfaces USB0 and USB1 and the web server running on the board recognises itself as beaglebone black.
I re flashed the sd card and the same. While botting from the sd card on new beaglebone, the web server recognises the new board as blue while the other ones as black. I presume that somehow the robotics cape is being damaged but how can I check it? Should i still be able to use the board as black and access peripherals as if they are cape?
Any pointers?

What does the EEPROM contain? If you alter the dtb= line in /boot/uEnv.txt, you can make it ignore the EEPROM based dtb selection and force the load of the Blue device tree.