Beaglebone Blue UART0 - UART2 exhibit different behavior - UART0 will fault

UART 0 & UART 2 Behave Differently
Beaglebone Blue - with a recent recommended Debian release

Below is Strawson’s example UART loopback program. With minor changes to read continuously.

I have attached an Arduino 115200 baud char output stream to both the UART0 & UART2 in parallel.

If UART2 is selected the stream will read as expected - maybe forever.

If UART0 is selected the stream will read for perhaps 30 seconds. The PUTTY cursor will flash and the program stalls until interrupted with a ctl C.

I suspect there is some conflict within LINUX?? If anyone has an idea about this,
it will be greatly appreciated.


  • @file rc_uart_loopback.c
  • @example rc_uart_loopback
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