BeagleBone Blue Won't Power with USB Cable

My team and I have been using the BeagleBone Blue for drone use and have had great success. However, all of a sudden today when we were trying to connect via ssh to MissionPlanner we noticed that the BBB would not turn on via the USB cable. Using an external battery it turns on, however, we need the usb connection in order to ssh for MissionPlanner.
Some things we’ve noticed include:

  • A blue flash when the usb cable is connected
  • The same blue flash when we press the power button on the BBB
    If anybody has any input that would be really helpful and greatly appreciated!

Hello !
I don’t know if the following may be useful for you.
I have a BBBlack Rev C and with Debian 12.2 (probably also with Debian 11.7, I don’t remember now), to work without power supply on the 5Vcc connector, I must at least briefly insert power into the 5Vcc connector. Once the BBBlack turned on, I remove the power at the 5Vcc connector and the BBBlack continues working via mini USB (IP