beaglebone boot button not working

i recently got my beaglebone black rev c and tried to boot from the sd card by holding down the boot button. the power light comes on but thats it, theres no other activity. the board will boot from the sd card just fine if i dont hold down the button when it turns on. im using a 5v 3 amp adapter to power the board and there are no devices plugged into the board. is this a defective unit?

Based on what you have said. All the button does is change the boot mode. If it boots from the SD fine without the button, then unless you changed the eMMC contents it is most likely booting from eMMC and not the SD card. You need to see where it is booting from by not using the SD card and seeing if it boots. If it does, then that means it is booting from eMMC and then most likely your SD card is not made correctly or is bad.



Sounds to me like them onboard emmc wasn’t flashed.

There are plenty of instructions and images on the beaglebone site.

Assuming you want to boot from emmc or just keep booting from uSD.


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