Beaglebone Buffer I/O issues


I don’t think the update/write rate on the card could cause such an issue, 227 access / hour doesn’t seem too much. But there’s something very easy you could try if your system runs continuously : write to the RAM instead of the directly to the card using the tmpfs filesystem :!topic/beagleboard/TK9PbsnKZro . Then you can then copy what’s you’re interested in to the disk when the program closes.

Hope this helps, good luck with that.

We use another embedded platform which uses 4GB class 4 cards. I even use flashybrid to reduce writes on the SD disk, measuring with iostat I get about 600KB per hour and with class 4 cards they last only two months.

Using class 10 cards we get much better MTBF and if you can afford SLC based card even better. Check ATP cards.