Beaglebone C/C++ timer interrupt


I am trying to setup my BeagleBone to perform timer interrupt subroutines. I am coding in C++. Are there any good examples of setting up the BeagleBone timer interrupts? I understand that in order to make use of the “Programmable Realtime Unit SubSystem”(PRUSS). However, this gets into an aspect of embedded system that I am not yet familiar with. I have found a really good project that makes use of the PRUSS to setup timer interrupt subroutines. It can be found at this link:

This is a 3d printing project. However, I have tried going through this fellows project and I still do not fully understand the PRUSS or how to setup a C++ timer interrupt on my BeagleBone. I would greatly appreciate any examples or documentation or general information that can get me going in the right direction.

For my specific project I want making a generic stepper motor driver (similar aspects to the BeBoPr project).

Thank you for any input,

p.s. Sorry for the typos. Hopefully it still makes sense.