BeagleBone Cape Board Design without EEPROM

I am confused about one thing. If I design a BeagleBone Cape Board without EEPROM and use it by attaching it over BeagleBone Black, then will that Cape Board work just like a PCB board?

Yes you can design any PCB you like. The EEPROM is optional.

I think it was designed that way to allow some sort of automatic configuration once Linux has booted by the cape manager which was how it was done years ago I think before u-boot overlays.

Thank you. But I want the cape to serve the purpose of PCB board. It does not need to be intelligent. The cape’s header pins will be like jumper wires, so if I enable one GPIO pin of BeagleBone Black, the corresponding header pin of the connected cape will also be enabled like the jumper wire. So, is it actually possible to use the header pins of the cape like the jumper wires? @benedict.hewson