BeagleBone Cape Catalog

Circuitco are building a BeagleBone Cape catalog that features capes
from different companies and individuals. Only capes that are in
production and can be purchased are cataloged. We are trying to bring
all the capes together at one place so whoever interested in
BeagleBone can quickly navigate through all the available capes. Each
cape on the catalog will have useful information like features,
specifications, eeprom info, vendor list, etc.

If you are interested in listing your cape on the catalog, you can
download a cape registration package at
Registration form and instructions are included. Please fill out the
neccessary information and send it back to us. We will list your cape
on the catalog using the information provided.

An example of a cape in the catalog can be viewed at

The catalog can be view at

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Hieu Duong