BeagleBone Cape Contest

A cape design contest was just announced: - CapeContest

Top 3 designs will win $1000, some development tools and will be put
intor production with you getting a cut of the profits.

There will also be weekly prizes announced on the web page.

The cape design should be original and you must provide a schematic
with extractable net-list, bill-of-materials (not exceeding $60).
Project should be uploaded to an online sharing site like Google Drive
or Github. You'll need to upload a video to YouTube describing your
idea. Finally, you'll need to go to the web page and submit your

Hope you'll join!

BOM cost < $60 for qty 1 or for a whole yotta (10^24) cape(s)? shouldn’t qty be defined?

BOM cost < $60 for qty 1 or for a whole yotta (10^24) cape(s)? shouldn't
qty be defined?

Somewhere I saw quantity of 500. I'm not sure where it went on the
various pages.

Looks great!

I’m wondering if you can expand on “cut of the profits”? At what stage would this be discussed?



Before it goes into production. A conversation between the designer and Circuitco, the contract manufacturer.