Beaglebone: changing bootdelay of u-boot


The u-boot bootloader from the angstrom beaglebone demo files ( has a 1 second bootdelay configured. Is it possible to change that delay to 0?

I cannot change the bootdelay environment variable from within the u-boot menu, when trying to save the environment with saveenv, I always get:
“Attempt to erase non page aligned data”

I also tried to add
to the uEnv.txt but this does not change the bootdelay either.

Is the one second delay hardcoded?

the "bootdelay" is a hardcoded delay "before" reading "uEnv.txt". :wink:

So, to actually change it, you'll have to rebuild..;a=blob;f=include/configs/am335x_evm.h;hb=HEAD#l48


Hii Robert NElson,
I rebuild uboot by changing bootdealy to 0. Still when I power ON my BBB its taking about 15 second to show penguin logo on screen.
How can I reduce that delay??
Thanking you.