Beaglebone Cross Compilation Development Tools

Now that the Debian image has been released, has anyone placed the tools that build that particular version into an archive somewhere so that others can use them for building projects. I’m trying to do cross compilation of projects (which really is a much better way to go) when developing embedded systems. I’ve got a XUbuntu VM, but the armlinuxgnueabi tools are already newer than the ones used to build the production image, and some of the libraries are not compatible. With Angstrom, the tools used to be available on their site, but that has disappeared as well.

Good CM practices would have both the source and the tools available.


Well Ubuntu is not Debian…


Download wheezy iso, install armhf multiarch, bam same version of libs found on the official image.

That makes me feel better. Didn’t realize Debian was being used to build the Debian image (though it makes perfect sense.) SO much of the material out there talks about Angstrom only.


I see your Linux on Arm page has been updated VERY recently (i.e. last day or so…) I’mn assuming that set of instructions also will match with what is above.