BeagleBone + Debian (ARM EABI)

I just buy BeagleBone and i wanted to install debian on it. I read on howto .. but i just don't how to start. There are two sd
cards with my beaglebobe .First with installed linux and secound just
with u-boot and some stuff....and i wanted to install on the second
one , but do i have to put sd-card to beaglebone and connect to it by
my host Linux computer , or just put this sd card to host computer and
then format it and write to it image of debian?? I would appreciate
some step by step info.

Or you could just follow:

Stick one of the sd cards in your host desktop pc..

run script as shown at that website.

Stick sd card into bone, and boot.. (Debian Netinstall will run on serial port)


Whatever you do, DO NOT EVER overwrite the two SD cards you were
supplied with. Keep these safe so that you can always get back to them.
Get some new ones, and install Debian using the procedure you have


you can always dd them to an image if you want backup's..


Thanks for the quick answers . Still how can I make complete image of
sd card ( i see three partitions in linux on sd card : 1 rootfs 2.boot
3.start here )

Using command : sudo dd if=/dev/sdb | bzip2 >sdb-xbuntu.image.bz2 will
do the trick? because in /dev ( there is sdb , sdb1,sdb2,sdb3 ....
after plugging sd card)


Numbers are for partitions, if you backup sdb, you will backup the
entire device.


I manage to run debian on beaglebone ...but i still have got one
problem with host usb . I've got a device ( radio modem usb 2.0
baundrate 57600 ) after plug-in it looks fine ( debian register new
device ACM0 also i can read manufacturer and etc..). But after
connecting to the device i can't read any messages ,and it look like
the module stucks ( i use also active active hub usb to avoid power
I've got only this problem with ARMEL distribution in
BeagleBone......on x86 looks ok.

Do You have any hints what could cause the problem?

Yeah, it's the musb based usb.. Some devices work, some work veeeerrry
slowly, some not at all.. As more of this device gets pushed
upstream, alot of those bugs will get ironed out..