BeagleBone Enhanced

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We are thinking of doing a BeagleBone compatible board with some enhanced features. Rather than guess at what people want we would like your input, what extra interfaces or devices would you like on the board?

Either us the link to the form below or post in the thread.

BB Enhanced form

Personally I would like extra USB ports (with one on a header to connector to a cape) and maybe 1GByte of RAM.


FYI, we made a board for a special project with a Gigabit Ethernet PHY,and it works pretty well, getting about 300MB throughput. We’ve also made boards with Bluetooth. It’s a very flexible platform and seems to play pretty well with other hardware. Our board had only one Ethernet connector, but a board with two that one could program as a router/firewall might be interesting.

Our board had only one Ethernet connector, but a board with two that one could program as a router/firewall might be interesting.

Indeed. I was thinking this myself, but also as something that could be placed inline for networking traffic monitoring / filtering.

Thanks for your comments.

Interesting though about dual Ethernet, however this would mean moving away from the BBB cape support due to the pins you would loose.

Many people have asked for 1GB RAM and we are investigating this now. Given that x16 8Gbit devices are only made by Micron, and so single sourced, we are working on the impact on the PCB to move to two x8 4Gbit devices instead.


Dual ethernet would be cool. There is a TI app note on using dual ethernet + the PRUs on the Sitara am335x processors for an EtherCAT network. Would make the beagle bone that much more of a desirable robotics controller.

  • Nathaniel Lewis

Well for cape support and dual Ethernet just make it easy to disable the second eth for cape usage. Asst some point you have to disable something to get what you want…

Most people disable HDMI for example when using an audio cape for the same reason.

If enough people want dual eth, must be something worth doing!

how about 2 versions of an enhanced black. one, as is but with 8GB eMMC. The other with the HDMI framer, audio codec and eMMC along with associated parts UNPOPULATED. Either ought be an easy change as one option just involves the robot not populating certain parts, and the other the robot just need place differen’t parts. the board remains the same.


I too would love to see BBB with two gigabit ethernet ports. Any chance that one is in the works?

It would no longer be a BBB as it would break the expansion headers and the board would need to grow in size.

There is something in the works with this feature, but it is not a BBB.


5V tolerant io

See my previous answer. It really makes no sense to go any higher than 3.3V. Making a bidirectional 3.3V to 5V interface is very expensive in cost, space, and loss of speed… I looked into that in the design phase of the BBB.