BeagleBone Ethernet Schematic Error

BeagleBone: PHYAD1 of the LAN8710A does not appear to be connected to
R216. The signal "nINT/RXCLK/PHYAD1" appears as if it should have
been connected to "REFCLKO". This appears to leave AD1 left floating
at reset and latching the address to an unknown value. I assume that
this line should be tied low via a 10K resistor? Does anyone know
what the SMI address of U15 is supposed to be?

Let me take a look at this. What issues are you having because of this?


You are correct in a way. While not connected as intended, there is no issue here because the RMII_RXER signal comes up low on power up, which is the same as if the R216 was connected. So, it is working as intended, just not as a result of the R216 being installed.

I may just end up removing R216 and R215 on the next revision of the board as in reality as there is only one PHY on the board, there is no need to change the address anyway.