Beaglebone from USB

I recently purchased the Beaglebone (Revision A6B). Downloaded Angstrom Distribution to PC per instructions from Used Image Writer for Windows (Binary distribution) to write image to SD card. I am running Windows 8 on PC. When micro SD card is in SD adapter I see the following files: MLO, u-boot, and uEnv. When micro SD placed in Beaglebone and plugged into PC USB port no drive is displayed and only Power LED lighted. Most instructions show Cloud 9 IDE being accessed through a network. I would like to access it through USB. Why doesn’t drive show up in file manager when I plug in Beaglebone? Instructions from Beaglebone say to boot from board. When I go into BIOS I see the following: OS Boot, Internal CD/DVD Rom Drive, USB Diskette on Key/USB Hard Disk, USB CD/DVD Rom drive, !Network Adapter. Shouldn’t I see the u-boot?

I have the same problem. When I first opened my Beaglebone Black and followed the instructions, I could see it as a usb. After I loaded the Software on the sd card, it never showed up as a usb again. Whats the deal?

Can you start a separate thread? The first one is about the BeagleBone and you say you have a BeagleBone Black. They are different and this issue has different solutions for each board.