Beaglebone Green GPIO not working

I have a Beaglebone Black and am successfully reading GPIO44, 45, 46 , 47 and I have a Beaglebone Green and the inputs are always 0.

Both systems have the same image and uEnv looks the same.

If I look at the files in sys/class/gpio there are the same.

Is there something I am missing - do I have to enable the GPIO in BBG in some way.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hello There,

@BryanJ , Seth here again. I see where things may get misconstrued. Please provide the below command output so I can further investigate.

uname -a
cat /etc/dogtag

Both commands and output for each, separate board will provide some ideas for me. In the meantime:

That pin out is from, “BeagleBone Black Cookbook (Hamilton 2015).”

And the next pin out is from the BeagleBone Green Wiki at Seeed Studio BeagleBone® Green - Seeed Wiki .

That both are available mean only that it is possible that they are available.


P.S. If you would, please provide the output for a kicker and I will keep trying to see what is going on.

Also…this command will give some insight too: cat /boot/uEnv.txt .

Also…on the Wiki for the BBG, it seems there were two, different types of the BBG, i.e. 1 and 2. Also, there is a Rev. 1 and Rev. 1.1 schematic to view depending on what version of the BBG you possess. Enjoy!