BeagleBone Green or Black design files?


I’m aware of the fact the hardware design files for BBB/BBG are already available. Unfortunately this is only a semi-open design as the layout design applications which are required for these data are incredibly expensive.

So it would be nice to have them in EAGLE or KiCAD format. Now EAGLE supports importing of several designs as long as they come in some kind of “ACCEL-ASCII-Format” (.asc, .pcb, .sch). So by any chance, has anybody access to one of these (expensive) original design software and can export the designs using this format? This could be really helpful to move them to EAGLE and from there to KiCAD!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Just a heads up, make sure it’s based on the Rev C3. / BeagleBone Black · GitLab

Users will not be able to get the long EOL microSD cage that was used in all prior revision’s of the design… (this was why the PCB had to be redesigned in Rev C3…)


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