Beaglebone green wireless gateway images

Like the Beaglebone black is there a download site to get images for the Seeed Studio Beaglebone Green Wireless Gateway ?


The feeling I get is that downloads are not available.

As such I should abandon working with the
Beaglebone green wireless gateway.

That’s one way to not sell a product. No support.

They all use the same image…



I had noticed some other folks having an image issue getting everything to work. The eth and wifi.

Which specific image should I use for the Seeed BBBWG ?



Guys! I use the image that is for the BBB on the main page for the Gateway.


P.S. My wifi works and my ethernet work too. Is this a new issue for the Gateway? I will plug mine in again soon and return transmission.

Also…I have not built any images recently for the Gateway but the images on work for me.

Since it’s a newer board, the latest would be best, i know we tweaked a few things recently, so a recent snapshot would be better…