Beaglebone green wireless gateway, node-red, johhny-five


I have a problem with a beaglebone green wireless gateway. I think it destroy node-red service then I am using johhny five protocol for analog reading. Then I am trying to deploy it, Node-red stuck in deployment state. When I reboot beaglebone, node-red doesn’t even start. Then I am trying to start it with command, console says that node-red service is not found. Does anyone have any suggestions what to do ?

OS - AM3358 Debian 10.3 2020-04-06 4GB SD IoT

Hi @aivcho , i have no idea what you did, you could try reinstall’ing node-red:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install bb-node-red-installer --reinstall


Hi Robert,

I am just trying to read analog using node-red-contrib-gpio (node) - Node-RED modules.
And I am stuck in this situation (photo attached).