BeagleBone hangs on reboot


BBB Rev. C
Debian with 3.14.47-ti-r71

I have an issue when BBB hangs trying to reboot. I’m sure it’s not boot hang issue mentioned in an other post because:

  • Heartbeat is still flashing
  • I was able to connect iPhone many times and it got tethered (so seems like linux rules still worked)
  • But I wasn’t able to connect with USB to see what is going on (drivers was already disabled?)
  • Next time when it happen I connected to UART0, but I didn’t see any info going.

Does anyone have same issues with restart? How do you solve it?

I run my app with watchdog, but seems like it was closed for restart already and WD didn’t work.
Is it possible to have WD enabled in all times?



I had a similar issue with 3.14r. I think it may have something to do with spurious interrupts when resetting. The only way I could resolve this is going to 4.15 which has yet to give me this issue. Btw, my WD timer did not resolve the issue either.