beaglebone interface with pcm5102a am335x

[ 12.970190] hdmi-audio-codec ASoC: no source widget found for Playback
[ 12.970200] hdmi-audio-codec ASoC: Failed to add route Playback → direct → TX
[ 13.005943] asoc-simple-card sound: i2s-hifi <-> 48038000.mcasp mapping ok
[ 13.005974] asoc-simple-card sound: ASoC: no DMI vendor name!
[ 13.010176] wkup_m3_ipc 44e11324.wkup_m3_ipc: could not get rproc handle
[ 13.010444] PM: Cannot get wkup_m3_ipc handle
[ 13.010983] davinci-mcasp 48038000.mcasp: Trying to bind component to card “PCM5102a” but is already bound to card “TI BeagleBone Black”
[ 13.010991] asoc-simple-card sound@1: ASoC: failed to instantiate card -19

when i am trying interface with my external pcm5102a audio codec i got above errro.