BeagleBone JTAG header?

Might this checklist still be accurate?



It has been used a few times. Should be good.

It is good.


Has anyone got BDI2000 working with BeagleBone? I can’t find a proper configuration file etc.


Thanks all.

It is good.

It seems a little odd that the xM has an oven-ready JTAG header when the more hardware oriented Bone does not. I've no reflow capabilities so the odds of getting the right parts in the right place are about zero :slight_smile:

How badly affected will the Bone be if the JTAG option is botched?

Could the Bone get an in-situ ready to roll JTAG connector next time around?



If you botch the conversion, as long as there are no shorts, then you will not see any affect on the operation beyond the fact that the JTAG header would not work. There will be no changes to a thruhole part on this version of the BeagleBone. The reason this connector was selected was due to the fact that it is what we had room for. Populating it makes no sense as thee is already JTAG support built into the board as it ships. This is required for those people that want to use an external JTAG adapter. Populating the connector is only possible when the onboard JTAG is disabled. You cannot have both at the same time.


Thanks Gerald,

This is required for those people that want to use an external
JTAG adapter.

In that case I may well be asking the wrong question. I'm putting together an IDE with debugger support for the Bone and friends.

USB JTAG support is still available when the Bone is configured as (say) a USB mass storage device?

Doh, hence the on-board hub. OK, I think it get it (?)

You cannot have both at the same time.

Perfectly reasonable.



Yep. You got it!


I tested
with the AM335x EVM a long time ago and it should work fine with
Bone. I haven't bothered populating the cTI header on any of my
Bones since they all have perfectly working openocd support via
the ft2232.


Special Computing has BeagleBone A3 with the 20pin cTI JTAG header:

Thanks. I'll try it. So I could manage to get OpenOCD working. The
only problem I have, that reset halt is not halting the system. After
issuing it reboots anyway.

Can you confirm this?


Why do you need this [HOST] section? It took me quite a while to understand, why I cannot dump memory to a file over tftp :wink:


In the past, I've had my configuration host be different from where I
want to tftp files while debugging. My practice is to always explictly
set this in my configs. [HOST] is definitely something to be site