beaglebone lcd4

What happened to the BeagleBone LCD4 cape? Any and all references to it’s development seem to have disappeared. Did it get dropped? it was significantly better in specs than the LCD3.


I received a prototype today to work on the software support: . It still need a lot of work from the software side :frowning:

No idea when it will go on sale, I'm the software guy :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update. Good to know it’s still in process. It’s wiki page seems to have disappeared along with it’s listing on beagleboard toys. Thanks for your work on the software side of this display and the Beagle bone. It’s much appreciated… and darn it’ the linked video makes it look to be working quite well :wink:



Any progress on it?


Hi Brett,

Did you get one yet?
I was after one of them, but according to this site

The BeagleBone LCD Cape manufacturer is experiencing a software problem on this product which requires some time to solve, so the delivery date cannot be confirmed.Feel free to order to get into the first batch delivery list, but be aware that lead time can be long.


Here is an ready to go alternative solution with 4.3" TFT LCD. Please take a look–>

在 2012年9月7日星期五UTC+8上午8时45分03秒,Jan Szymanski写道:

Has anyone tried one of the boards listed below from ebay? How well supported are they? The one thing I can say about the boards from circuitco/boardzoo is that they are extremely well supported by those that designed them right on this list and though sometimes it may take longer than we’d like to get production running where we can buy one what comes available at that point is generally well debugged and working with excellent support. That said I guess I’ll wait a bit longer and give a nudge to those working on the software for these displays for another progress report.



To the devs who work so hard to bring us these toys we all so love to tinker with including this display thank you for your hard work, it is really appreciated. hopefully we’ll see the 4.3 inch display for the bone come to life and reality soon. pointers to dev updates and progress are appreciated.

Right now we provide Linux/Android/WEC7 BSPs. A good news is that we will include a plastics bezel to this 4.3" display module. The kit will looks more outstanding.

在 2012年9月7日星期五UTC+8下午8时37分54秒,Eric写道:

Wow, sorry it has taken me so long to respond.
No, I am still waiting. I was told I would have it at the end of september, then postponed to October, and as of yesterday postponed to the end of November. Mouser said they are having problems with their supplier. So it is exactly as you say.
Is anyone aware of some touch screen alternatives. It would be cool to have a capacitive screen over resistive. Either way I am fairly new to this, so I expect I better just go with whatever model is going to be best supported…

Digikey says they have 41 of them available for immediate shipment, but the compatability matrix still lists them as incompatible with anything else.


Has anyone looked at the changelog for the new factory image?