BeagleBone loses power when connected to DVI Cape!

Hey All,
I am having a bizarre problem. If I have my dvi cape connected to the beaglebone, it loses power within 30 seconds of powering it up (if plugged into ethernet - seems it will stay on longer without the ethernet cable)
As a result, I cannot do any real troubleshoot because I can’t communicate with the board with the cape connected.
I am running ubuntu. Uname -a gives me
Linux arm 3.2.30-psp23

Any ideas guys?

How are you powering the Bone? If you are using the USB, then the power budget is very limited and may cause a shutdown. If it is an external supply, check it is capable of powering the Bone with cape.


I regularly power my beagle bone v3 over usb with the dvi cape installed with no problems. what voltages are you measuring on the P8 and P9 headers for 5v and 3v3 power? might there be a short somewhere in the dvi cape? has the dvi cape ever worked over a long period without the bone shutting down?