Beaglebone & Mac OSX = NIGHTMARE

Seriously bad documentation level here guys.

I have a project that my team have developed over the past 9 months based on Arduino Mega, we now want to “upscale” to a BBB. Unfortunately the BBB implementation on OS X appears to be a disaster, especially on 10.10. My team and I have WASTED 2-3 days trying to get one of these POS boards to mount in 10.10, we have downloaded drivers, deleted plists, reset prams, everything but NADA. Nothing works. NOTHING.

I have 5 BBB’s sitting around and none of them can be accessed, except of course when we use our one Win 7 netbook, that connects no problem. To refresh, we have three iMac 27" (€2000 each), and two MacBook Pro’s (also €2000 each). But our €100 netbook is the only machine that works. Pathetic, annoying and VERY frustrating. We have had absolutely no problems using the Arduino, so why is connecting to a Beaglebone so complicated?

Can somebody in Beaglebone PLEASE get proper drivers set up ASAP. Seriously, how difficult can this be for the developer to get this right?

Our next option is Rpi. We were able to access the Rpi test board straight away, no hassle. Why the drama with BBB? Spec wise it wipes the floor with the Rpi, but its useless if you can’t talk to it.

Very bad experience with BBB so far.

SSH over USB and Serial Debug work fine for me on OS X. If you've installed HoRNDIS, there shouldn't be any issues- you might consider getting a package from the source (not sure if the one that BB provides has been updated recently):

Set up static IP addresses or DHCP reservations and use SSH. Or just connect a USB keyboard and HDMI. Or use a usb to serial cable. There are so many different ways to connect. Did your team bother to run a Google search on your expensive proprietary machines that seem to grant you such an immense sense of entitlement? I understand you are frustrated, but if you want to achieve success you might need the help of others sometime. Ask nicely next time, save your rants for Facebook and maybe you will actually get the help you ask for.


I got a Macbook Pro (2000€) and it worked out of the box. So the problem shouldn’t bee related to OSX or BBB.
ssh works fine assumed you know the ip address of your BBB.
For file transfer google for OSXFUSE and SSHFS.

Can you get it to share the macs internet connection though? i can get in via SSH but if i try and share the internet to it then it immediately locks the machine up.

Any hints on what steps you have gone through on both Mac and Beagle?

I don’t use USB connection. I installed a Wifi dongle or used the ethernet cable and connected the BBB to my router. So internet is no problem.

To be fair, ranting at least got him a response.

Lots of people seem to be asking questions and I see like single digit views and no responses.

It feels like a ghost town in here.

Well the unfortunate side of open source.. Most developers are not
paid to answer just questions. Instead they are here on their own free
time. So unless you entice them with an interesting topic/question,
they aren't going to take time to answer it.

Sorry if this offends anyone.

btw, google groups also emails these "topics" to registered users, so
just because the "forum" interface shows a few "views" doesn't
actually show the whole story.. Some of us read every 'email' and
answer where we can.


I use a Mac with BeagleBone every day, but too many things break on 10.10, with no relation to Beagle, for me to update. Joshua, the author of HoRNDIS, seems to have made a release to work with 10.10, so there doesn’t seem to be enough info to provide a useful response.

Unlike the original poster, I’m not taking offense. People are doing the best they can.

However, I will say that, as a user, spelunking through BeagleBone Black documentation has been kind of painful.

If you can stay at the Python/Javascript level, things are quite decent. Even basic Linux stuff is fine.

However, once you need to get down into the Linux device level, the number of people who really understand what is going on drops very quickly. And I suspect those vitally important people are so overwhelmed doing real work or paid work and that they really don’t have the bandwidth for random documentation and tutorial construction. And, even if they did, how many people would it benefit? Sure, I’d love to have some really detailed tutorials since most of them older than even 6 months generally don’t work, but if there are only 5 of us who could make use of those tutorials, is it a good use of time? Especially when there is so much flux right now?

I see about 30 BeagleBone Black compatible capes; the fact that some of those don’t work directly under Debian shows that even highly knowledgable people don’t understand all the implications. So, that bounds the number of people who can talk intelligently about kernel device stuff (and that’s of the right order of magnitude for views). That’s not a very big pool to draw from.

I do agree, however, that the original poster is out of line. Anybody who does real embedded development on OS X knows to keep Windows XP, Windows 7, and Linux virtual machines on tap. If it works directly on OS X, that’s a nice bonus, but counting on it is just asking for trouble–and OS X 10.10 has been a general disaster on many fronts.

Quite, from where I'm looking (the Gmane usenet interface to the
mailing list) just about every message/posting here gets some sort of
response, there are very few with no response.

Just a side note for any user who has a cape that doesn't work. First
what kernel are you running? (uname -r) The odd's are, you are either
running an older kernel, or one that's not setup to directly support
all capes.

Note, we are still adding capes to the 3.8 tree, for the upcoming
bone71, we've added:

I know we will never fully support "all", but we are chewing on each
one at time...

Here's the current list of overlays:


Like Jason, I use a Mac every day to work with my BBB. I had no problems connecting with OSX 10.9 but 10.10 is another matter. When I installed the latest HoRNDIS package, my Mac started rebooting when I would attach my BBB to the usb port. Removing the package resolved the reboot. The only reliable ways that I have found are using ethernet and “screen /dev/tty.usbmodem* 115200”. screen has many quirks, but is usable.

Thanks for this. I’ll pull this into a separate thread as we’re drifting way off-topic now …


Did you mean that you also do the cross build on Mac?


Equipment: BBB Rev C and OSX 10.10.2
Using driver currently linked from HoRNDS.pkg didn’t work for me.
As poster 阮天青 above suggests, driver from HoRNDIS-rel7.pkg works.
Now I can connect to BBB web server at

No, I'm not smart enough. I'll let others blaze those paths.