BeagleBone: net cfg eth0 dhcp can't get IP

Dear Beagle Board,
I recently purchased one BeagleBone Rev. A3, and tested with shipped
Cloud9 image, the ethernet port worked fine. Then I downloaded the
prebuilt Android image from TI's web site, and followed the
instructions to activate eth0:

# netcfg eth0 up
# netcfg eth0 dhcp

I can see from logcat that it try to send DHCPDISCOVER, but I can't
really see the packet on DHCP server by using Wireshark packet
sniffing. And later, netcfg reported "action 'dhcp' failed (Timer
expired)". So, it looks like it can't really send packet out of
ethernet port.

Am I missing something? Or need to do more operations ?

Any comment is appreciated.


I'm adding the Rowboat mailing list...

I think I encounter the same problem as this post:

but, "reboot" can't fix my problem. I want back to boot Angstrom
Cloud9 image, this time I can't get network connection.

So I removed R219 as suggested and this does work for me.

Hope you guys or Rowboat can find a way to restore 100M speed :slight_smile: