[beaglebone] Not able to resolve address into ip address

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Would appreciate your quick help here.

I have beaglebone revision A6. I am not able to ping google.com, but I can ping (google’s ip address). The error that I get upon doing “ping google.com” is “unknown host google.com”.

I am thinking the probable problem is to setup the gateway and DNS on my beaglebone but I dont know how to resolve it. Please help!

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/etc/resolve.conf. whats listed in that ? Should be pointing to the nameserver on your network, or ISP DNS.

If you are running the Angstrom distro that shipped with the board, take a look at this, and pay particular attention to the part at the end - you want to fix your nameservers but I doubt you wish to set a static IP address like the first part of the article is describing.

I added one of google’s public DNS servers,, to try and make sure I had a backup. For some reason when packages get updated I have had issues with connman dropping the nameserver setting that was provided during DHCP negotiation.

And unfortunately, any manual change you make to /etc/resolve.conf will be undone on the next boot thanks to connman.