Beaglebone not powering up

First post here. I use a Beaglebone Black to run my home light show. Last night I noticed that my 4th of July decorations were not lighting up. Checked my controller and found the Beaglebone PWR LED was lit, but D2-D5 were not. Luckily I had a spare. I swapped them out along with the SD card and it booted rigth up and I was back in business. But I am curious to know if this is salvageable. I just purchased it last November, so it is only 8-9 months old.

Apologize in advance if it is answered somewhere, but I didnt see a search option in the top bar.

Do you have a TTL to usb adapter so you can see if it is trying to boot?

No, I do not. I could get one from Amazon. With the video output on this, tell me anything?

If it was booting it would.
Do you have another SD and burn a fresh image on it and see what happens?

I have used multipel SD cards and verified they work with the replacement BB that I swapped out. Last night I tried holding down the S2 button while powering up hoping to get it to boot from the SD card. No luck.

It might be dead.

We bought some boards from GHI a company in USA and they are still running.