BeagleBone not recognising "some" SD card

I have a BeagleBone, it works fine with the SD card that came with it, its a Kingston, I bought an other SD card in order to try different OS installations, like Ubuntu, and keep Angstrom in the other SD card, the problem is that is not recognising the new SD card, my computer recognizes the SD card from the SD slot, but if I put it in the beaglebone it doesn’t work, The BB doesn’t boot and is not recognized by the computer, the brand of the new SD card is “Adata”, Why it works with some SD card and doesn’t work with other? Thanks


Before the BBB can boot from the SD card, the boot partition must have it’s ‘boot’ bit set.

If you have access to a Linux computer, install Gparted, and use that to examine
the partitions and set the boot bit on the boot partition.

— Graham

Hello Graham, Thanks for your answer, I have the BeagleBone White, not the black, this one only boots from an SD card, I’ve updated the software using Win32DiskImager and I haven’t had to do anything to make it boot, the problem is just with this new SD card that I bought, in my computer it works from the SD card slot, but when I put it in the BeagleBone it doesn’t boot

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