Beaglebone on 144.000MHz

Isn’t 144 MHz the 2 meter Ham Band? Is this likely to matter either coming or going (assuming there is no 1 KW transmitter next door)?

Since when is a beagle not known for its noise. Embrace the howl frequency. Since the design is open you can always fork it and make a beagledoodle…

Since you don't have an antenna attached, and the total power that a beagle consumes is around 1 W, it's highly unlikely you'll be able to interfere with your local ham (my chibi arduinos have a max range of about 100m and that's with matched antennas and an actual transmitter circuit). As for a 1kW transmitter near you, nobody does that on 2m. Our local repeaters are only 50W and cover the county. Typical transmitters are 5-20W. (FCC regs require use of minimum power needed to complete the transmission). If you really are concerned, put the beagle inside a faraday shield (i.e. a grounded metal box, e.g. the Altoids tin).