BeagleBone Remote Seismometer Node

Dear Mentors and all other community members,

I am Parth Bapaye, an Master’s Student in Electrical Engineering at IIT Bombay.
I am willing to participate in the Google Summer of Code this year. I have attached my proposal with this message.
Please give me a feedback on my proposal, so that I can work upon it.
I have also attached my resume for your reference, so that you can know my previous works related to the embedded design field.

Is there a scope of me getting in? I am really eager to contribute to the community at large.
Please feel free to give me suggestions for the future in case you find my proposal not suitable in the present scenario.

With Warm Regards
Parth Bapaye
EE Department,
IIT Bombay

Parth_Bapaye_GSOC_2017.pdf (33.4 KB)

Parth Bapaye Resume IITB V3.pdf (40.7 KB)