Beaglebone rev a6 + ubuntu IDLE when detached from ssh

Hi everybody,
I’m running into this strange problem with my beaglebone rev a6 with Ubuntu:

I have written a program which periodically writes data on a serial device attached to the USB port (/dev/ttyUSB0). It runs smoothly for hours and hours as long as the BeagleBone is connected to an ssh session (either with the miniUSB/ethernet bridge or with a proper ethernet cable).

If I disconnect the ssh terminal, the application continues to run for a while and then idles (no more writes on the serial port) until I re-attach the ethernet cable/mini usb cable.

I’m observing the same behavior both with external power and the beaglebone battery cape.

any hints/suggestions on where to look for solving this?


Start looking at the log files; /var/log/.. should give you some hints..


Hi Alessandro,

i don't think that this is a hardware problem.

Check in your source code the daemon mode block. Probably it got stuck when
the process goes to background.